Elevator Pitch



 From and early age, photography has been part of my life. My father has been, and continues to be a professional freelance photojournalist since the late 70s. His career has consisted of covers for TIME and LIFE, and multiple assignments for Nat Geo, Sport Illustrated and many more. Story telling is the backbone of everything he has instilled within me. As an adventure lifestyle photographer, I hope to continue to tell stories that bring people back to the reality. People matter. 

My passion within this industry is working along side photo buyers with specific needs.  I really enjoy working as a team on projects. My technique encompasses a broad spectrum of options. Anything from soft natural light, to dramatic lighting that I create (studio or field portraits).  My clients range from ad agencies and editorial magazines, to direct clients.

As a story teller, I love video. I believe it is the future for any brand looking to succeed within todays marketplace. My company, Cold Collaborative, provides the highest quality multimedia packages. Our award winning team combines still photography, video and audio to tell visual stories and communicate brand specific messages.

As a team, we can handle creative story boarding for pre-production stages, casting, permitting, photography and video shooting, and post production editing for any of your media platform needs.

From a single production we offer all of our clients the option to have television, radio, print, and web presentations.

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Just a thought...


Have you ever been asked the question, “Whats did you do last week?”

It doesn’t take long to realize you don’t remember.

I love photography because it enables us to capture time forever. The truth is, time is the true economy. We cannot create, earn, or manipulate it at all. Yet, we give our time for money, all so we can turn around and use the money to prioritize our time.

Make the most of the time you do have. Capture time in the form of memories via journaling, photos, and video. Your future self will appreciate you for it!